Seam Docs
Key Terminology
Above is an end to end overview diagram of the Seam architecture. On the far left is your Application. On the far right are the devices you wish to control. Let's define each term.
This is You! You can send requests to the Seam REST API and receive responses from that API, as well as status updates from either Webhooks or Websockets.
This is the REST API that your application can query. This API is accessible from anywhere and takes simple commands and forwards them to the gateway via a secure tunnel.
This is the hardware device that's provided by Seam. It resides on your local area network (LAN) and creates a link to the outside world (WAN) via a secure tunnel to the Seam API.
Its job is to take simple commands and translate them to lower-level mesh protocol commands that end devices can understand. This is because most IoT devices don't connect to standard wifi given they are battery-powered and wifi is power-hungry.
This is a generic term we'll be using and which refers to any connected device or sensor, such as door locks, lights, noise sensors thermostats...etc.
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