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Connect Webviews
Connect Webviews are used to allow your users to give you access to their devices. For example, your user may want to give you access to their thermostat. By sending them a webview, they'll be able to

Create a Connect Webview

To allow a user to sign in, you need to create a connect_webview . After creating the webview, you'll receive a URL that you can use to open an iframe or new window containing a login page for your user.
An example of what the webview will look like to your user:
Create a connect_webview
You should make a new connect_webview for each unique login request: Each connect_webview tracks the user that signed in with it, you'll get an error if you re-use a webview for the same user twice, or if you use the same webview for multiple users.

Checking a Connect Webview

Unless you're using the custom_redirect_url you'll probably want to poll your newly created connect_webview to know if the user has signed in, or to get details about what devices they connected.
Get details of a webview
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